Badges are essential for identification of delegates during events onsite. We produce different types of badges depending on the event requirement and all our badges are produced in-house which means we can pre-print up to 2 hours prior to event, or we can set up easily onsite for real time printing. We customise badges completely in terms of:


  • Plastic PVC Card
    Standard CR-80 format (credit card size, 86mm x 54mm)
    Single or Double sided full colour
    Recommended for 90% of our events

  • Paper Badge
    Any size, but typically 14cm tall x 10cm wide
    Up to 160 GSM thickness
    Used when greater surface area then PVC Card is required

  • 3 Layer Lamination Badge
    Any size but typically 14cm tall x 8cm wide
    Similar thickness and strength to PVC Card but longer to produce

  • RFID PVC Card
    Exact same size as plastic PVC Card (86mm x 54mm) but embedded with an RFID chip (Mifare standard) for readability with RFID Readers and NFC enabled phones.

  • Tagged NFC Sticker
    NFC enabled sticker that can be pasted onto any badge (paper, plastic, metal) or any physical device with a flat surface (Phone, Gift Box, Playing Card etc)

  • Personalised Luggage Tag
    Exact same size as plastic PVC Card (86mm x 54mm)
    Typically company/ event logo on one side and personalised name and details on the other side.
    Plastic loop can be supplied for hooking on to luggage, strong enough to use without any additional protection.


  • Lanyard with Clip (slot hole)
  • Lanyard with Plastic Pouch
  • Magnet (no lanyard or pouch required)

Personalisation and Design

  • Any content can be produced onto the badge, including any data that is captured during the registration process. Typically this would be name and Company, but we typically add ID, Country, Department and recently VCard as a QR Code. Photographs can also be incorporated. It is entirely up to you.

  • Badges can be single or double sided, but typically personalisation is only done on one side of the badge to save time. Personalisation can be done in a monochrome colour, eg Black, Gold, Silver, White, Blue.


  • Pre Event
    Badges can be all produced prior to event, up to 2 hours prior to the event if required. The badge design would need to be confirmed 72 hours prior to event, then the namelist should be passed to us no later than 8 hours prior to event. Alternatively, names can be entered directly into our system for us to print, without any data having to be manually exchanged. This tremendously facilitates last last minute printing of late registrants.

  • Real-time Onsite
    Badges can also be entirely produced onsite, in conjunction with our express registration, or standard registration counters. This eliminates the need for any messy distribution and organisation of badges onsite, and also eliminates the need for any special queuing counters, as any badge can be printed at any counter by simply retrieving a person's record using our registration stations. Each badge will be personalised in real time, with custom rules for different badge designs (eg Speaker Design, Media Design, Delegate Design etc).


Ekkko Systems develops creative technology solutions for events and campaigns, with a personal touch.
Founded in 2001 ekkko has implemented hundreds of customised solutions spanning more than 1000 events / campaigns / projects to date. We are a team of cool and zen individuals who understand events, technology and the thing that makes them break (so we make sure they don't break on you!) We are small, but we move fast.

Its flagship solution is e1, a Web+Windows+Tablet service-oriented solution enhanced and evolved over 8 years of development for a myriad of clients from Singapore, to USA. The solution is massively personalisable and massively customisable, if you want your microsite to make you your favourite cup of coffee, we will find a way, now that's Seriously Fun.

Our latest technology integrates custom games into our e1 event platform and we continuously strive to adopt new exciting technologies such as RFID, NFC, QR Codes, SMS (yes it's still cool!), Tablets, Arduino, 3D and whatever we find cool!

We have successfully completed projects for all these companies:
IBM, Sun Microsystems (RIP), Red Hat, UBS, SPH, HPB, Stanchart, Amex, Visa, SingTel, MFA, FujiXerox, Lenovo, Forbes, Adobe, Diageo, Capitaland, F5 Networks, Google, Cisco, Starwood, SAP, Lanxess, Gartner, UNEP, HP, IE Singapore, WDA (and a few more we forget)

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114 Lavender St, #03-73 CT Hub-2, Singapore 338729

Tel: +65 6384 2452

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Address: 114 Lavender St, #03-73 CT Hub-2,
  Singapore 338729
Tel: +65 6384 2452
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