The first step in running events is the construction of the event web site (microsite) and the eDMs that drive potential registrants to that web site. We build these customised microsites in record time and manage all the updates and enhancements during the lifetime of the event. Sure, there are many many online tools out there, but we do it all, the technicals (DNS, SSL, Mail Server, DB), the content (HTML, Scripting, CSS) the process (Approval, Rejection, Reminder, Logins, Surveys) and of course all the updates and maintenance.

Microsites can typically be built in 24-72 hours depending on the urgency, and the registration flow/ data complexity. The main advantage of our system however is very simply that we can CUSTOMISE EVERYTHING on the web site, ie the page layout, the registration workflow and the database. These are the key modules we have implemented to date:
  • Public Registration
    Fully customisable for unlimited number of fields.
    Fully customisable for any kind of rules, as our forms can be programmed from the front-end to the back-end.
    Single page registration or multiple page registration, collapsable segments based on conditions etc

  • Public Login
    Allows a user who already registered to login with his email address (and unique auto-generated ID) to update any fields required, typically travel and hotel booking details.

  • Express RSVP
    Instead of having to enter all the personal details to register, some events may only need a user to respond Yes/No to an email invitation sent by our system to a list of pre-registered invitees. This module allows very simple and fast RSVP to get registration numbers up quickly.
    Also an authentication level can be inserted so user has to confirm his identity before system will accept the RSVP (to prevent accidental RSVP if an eDM is forwarded).
    Also questions can also be posted after the user has RSVPd.

  • Auto Generated Personalised Emails
    System can auto-send any email templates based on rules.
    For example, delegates from a certain country may need to receive a certain acknowledgement email after registration, whereas those from other countries would receive another email.
    Emails can be completely personalised with any data captured by the system, so for example a user who selects a particular choice of outdoor activity will automatically receive an acknowledgement email with only the details of that activity hilited.
    Another possibility is to auto-trigger emails to a 3rd party, eg a Hotel, whenever a booking is made for that hotel, and automatically append all the relevant information to process that booking, within that email.

  • Auto Rejection and Approval of Registrations
    System can be programmed with specific rules such that users who register from certain companies which are blacklisted, can be automatically rejected, and those from an approved list can be automatically approved. All others can be set as pending.

  • Auto System Notification on Changes
    System can automatically trigger a notification to any designated email address, eg when a user logs in and updates his flight details, so that the person in charge is notified that there has been a change, and specifically what that change has been.

  • Quota Check on Any Field
    System can be set such that different fields have been allocated a specific quota and user can be informed when the quota is almost reached, eg "Limited Seats available", or "5 Seats left only!". Quota can be set for individual registration or individual with partner and can be updated in real time at any point in time. Once quota is reached that selection can be deactivated, or the entire form/page can be automatically swapped with a "Register your interest" form instead, for example.

  • Payment Module
    The registration form can be integrated with any payment gateway to accept payment online and automatically update the system database to sync the record with the payment gateway. Current implementations allow integration with Paypal, Cybersource and Worldpay, but any payment gateway can be accepted.
    Importantly payment module also includes payment by Cheque, TT, Cash and any other method required. This means if any of these offline modes are selected by the user, instructions can automatically be emailed to the user to complete the payment, and administrator can easily update the payment status once payment has been made offline.

  • eDM Blasting
    System can create any email templates and eDMs can be triggered in mass. Each eDM can be individually personalised, including the FROM/REPLY-TO email address and name and subject line. So for example if an email blast to 1000 guests is required, but each guest may have a different account manager, and the email they receive needs to be personalised as if it was sent by that invididual account manager, with an individual subject from that manager, then it can be done easily. Tracking of open, click-through rates and bounce backs is also fully integrated into system.

  • Custom Reporting
    System can support generation of excel reports with any data field in the form, and with sorting and any filtering conditions. Multiple reports can easily be created, eg Report for US Delegates checking in from 10 Jan to 12 Jan and who require airport transfers.

  • Data Import and Mass Deduplication
    System can easily import namelists with any data fields and automatically identify duplicate entries before importing. Duplicate entries can be identified within the imported list and against the existing event database.


Ekkko Systems develops creative technology solutions for events and campaigns, with a personal touch.
Founded in 2001 ekkko has implemented hundreds of customised solutions spanning more than 1000 events / campaigns / projects to date. We are a team of cool and zen individuals who understand events, technology and the thing that makes them break (so we make sure they don't break on you!) We are small, but we move fast.

Its flagship solution is e1, a Web+Windows+Tablet service-oriented solution enhanced and evolved over 8 years of development for a myriad of clients from Singapore, to USA. The solution is massively personalisable and massively customisable, if you want your microsite to make you your favourite cup of coffee, we will find a way, now that's Seriously Fun.

Our latest technology integrates custom games into our e1 event platform and we continuously strive to adopt new exciting technologies such as RFID, NFC, QR Codes, SMS (yes it's still cool!), Tablets, Arduino, 3D and whatever we find cool!

We have successfully completed projects for all these companies:
IBM, Sun Microsystems (RIP), Red Hat, UBS, SPH, HPB, Stanchart, Amex, Visa, SingTel, MFA, FujiXerox, Lenovo, Forbes, Adobe, Diageo, Capitaland, F5 Networks, Google, Cisco, Starwood, SAP, Lanxess, Gartner, UNEP, HP, IE Singapore, WDA (and a few more we forget)

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