An event takes place ... onsite! So we provide all the support for your onsite registration and data management. If it's something to do with data, and it's onsite, we have the solution (if not we'll find a way don't worry!) Whether it be attendance tracking, table allocation, badge printing, session tracking, message boarding, all is linked to our core system e1. We use whatever is most appropriate at our disposal including our own servers, networks, laptops, tablets, badges. It's all in the bag!

Onsite Express Registration

A typical fully optimised event comprises a fully automated QR Code registration system using personalised QR Codes sent via Reminder SMS to delegates' phones and scanning onsite at iPad counters to print personalised badges in real time. Such an event can make use of embedded QR Codes in badge as VCards and for session tracking using portable QR Code scanners at Session entrances, and exhibitor solution tracking.

- Almost zero waiting time for delegate registration
- 22 sec average processing time per delegate for personalised badge printing, tracking, and collateral distribution
- Real time attendance tracking
- Real time exhibitor solutions tracking via Android tablets


Suite of Onsite Services

  • Badge Printing
    Badges can be printed in real time or pre-printed, and can be printed on different kinds of materials depending on your requirement. Badges can also contain any layout and any data from the system, and data can be printed conditionally if required (eg for Speaker badges, only print the name, and for Delegate Badges print name, company and ID).

  • Standard Laptop Registration
    Using laptop counters and optionally printers and scanners.
    Temp staff can be trained for 20min prior to event on how to use the system to search for records, create records, print badges etc.

  • Express iPad QR Registration
    Using iPads and our custom scanning software, registration time can be halved by using our express counters. Counters can be linked to our printers to instantly print personalised badges.

  • SMS Reminder with QR Codes
    A personalised SMS reminder can be sent to each delegate just prior to event. This SMS can contain a QR Code which will allow the user to scan himself at our express iPad counters for instant registration and other optional services.

  • Express Photo Taking and Face Recognition
    Our iPad counters can be configured to snap a picture of the delegate as he scans his confirmation messsage and QR Code. This image will then be instantly tagged to this user and can be used for matching all event photos that have his appearance inside.

  • Attendance/Session Tracking
    By using the QR Code, Barcode or RFID tag on the badge, tracking of delegates can be done using our handheld scanners. Alternatively iPads can be used for self scanning. Data can be compiled in near real-time (or real-time if network allows) to indicate which users attended which session.

  • Table Allocation Module
    Our registration software includes a module for displaying tables and their user allocations, so it is extremely simple to keep track of delegates assigned to tables, and to reassign delegates to other tables (individually or in batch).

  • Attendee Lucky Draw
    A projected lucky draw can be run based on current database of attendees, and winners names can be displayed after each draw.

  • Live Welcome Message Board
    A message board can be projected on a main screen, with our message board app running and connected to our live registration database. Each time a delegate registers onsite, his particulars can be displayed as a welcoming message for all to see.

  • Redemption Module
    This module works on our iPads and allows user to scan his badge (with QR Code) to allow himself to redeem items as specified by client. System will automatically keep track of items redeemed by user to prevent over-redemption. Optionally, the module can be configured to ask some questions before redemption can take place.

  • Survey Module
    A survey can be created and hosted on our local server, and users onsite can access this survey by simply navigating to a publicised URL (as a QR Code for example). This means ALL users should be able to access the survey from their smart phones and no dedicated app is required to be downloaded. Optionally the survey can be linked to the redemption module so that redemption can only take place once survey has been completed.

  • Onsite Network Setup
    The system can be setup quickly with a local area network provided by us, and all services above can be run off that network, guaranteeing the bandwidth and access. This is to prevent network connection or bandwidth issues when relying on 3rd party internet access or 3G. However, for events with multiple venues, or large setup area, internet or a hybrid internet/LAN setup can be used also.

  • Remote Mobile Check-in
    Our scanning app can be deployed to mobile phones to allow users to "check-in" remotely before reaching the venue. An operator is required to do the scanning of the delegates QR Code, and a typical scenario might be to check-in guests before they board a bus or ferry to the event venue, so that by the time they reach that venue, the counter staff would have been notified and the badge automatically printed.

  • Data Triggered Vending Machine
    An entirely new concept to events, our vending machines are connected directly to our database and users can scan their QR Codes to redeem items within the vending machine. This can be customised based on event-specific rules.


Ekkko Systems develops creative technology solutions for events and campaigns, with a personal touch.
Founded in 2001 ekkko has implemented hundreds of customised solutions spanning more than 1000 events / campaigns / projects to date. We are a team of cool and zen individuals who understand events, technology and the thing that makes them break (so we make sure they don't break on you!) We are small, but we move fast.

Its flagship solution is e1, a Web+Windows+Tablet service-oriented solution enhanced and evolved over 8 years of development for a myriad of clients from Singapore, to USA. The solution is massively personalisable and massively customisable, if you want your microsite to make you your favourite cup of coffee, we will find a way, now that's Seriously Fun.

Our latest technology integrates custom games into our e1 event platform and we continuously strive to adopt new exciting technologies such as RFID, NFC, QR Codes, SMS (yes it's still cool!), Tablets, Arduino, 3D and whatever we find cool!

We have successfully completed projects for all these companies:
IBM, Sun Microsystems (RIP), Red Hat, UBS, SPH, HPB, Stanchart, Amex, Visa, SingTel, MFA, FujiXerox, Lenovo, Forbes, Adobe, Diageo, Capitaland, F5 Networks, Google, Cisco, Starwood, SAP, Lanxess, Gartner, UNEP, HP, IE Singapore, WDA (and a few more we forget)

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