Tracking of delegates during an event is a must when, for example, we need to identify which sessions a delegate is attending. With this information, we are able to connect with the delegate post-event and provide additional relevant information related to those sessions.

This tracking is possible by making use of personalised badges with a choice of tagging:

  • Barcodes
    This can be printed on the personalised badge.
    Barcode only needs to contain the unique ID of that person as stored in our registration database.

  • QR Codes
    This can be printed on the personalised badge.
    We can make use of the QR Code to store the unique ID, as well as contact info in VCard format.
    This will allow the delegate to exchange his contact info with other delegates using common scanning apps on smartphones, in addition to allowing us to scan for tracking.

  • RFID/NFC Tags
    These can be either pasted onto badges using stickers, or we can use PVC RFID cards, tags, keychains etc.


Ekkko Systems develops creative technology solutions for events and campaigns, with a personal touch.
Founded in 2001 ekkko has implemented hundreds of customised solutions spanning more than 1000 events / campaigns / projects to date. We are a team of cool and zen individuals who understand events, technology and the thing that makes them break (so we make sure they don't break on you!) We are small, but we move fast.

Its flagship solution is e1, a Web+Windows+Tablet service-oriented solution enhanced and evolved over 8 years of development for a myriad of clients from Singapore, to USA. The solution is massively personalisable and massively customisable, if you want your microsite to make you your favourite cup of coffee, we will find a way, now that's Seriously Fun.

Our latest technology integrates custom games into our e1 event platform and we continuously strive to adopt new exciting technologies such as RFID, NFC, QR Codes, SMS (yes it's still cool!), Tablets, Arduino, 3D and whatever we find cool!

We have successfully completed projects for all these companies:
IBM, Sun Microsystems (RIP), Red Hat, UBS, SPH, HPB, Stanchart, Amex, Visa, SingTel, MFA, FujiXerox, Lenovo, Forbes, Adobe, Diageo, Capitaland, F5 Networks, Google, Cisco, Starwood, SAP, Lanxess, Gartner, UNEP, HP, IE Singapore, WDA (and a few more we forget)

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Tel: +65 6384 2452

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Address: 114 Lavender St, #03-73 CT Hub-2,
  Singapore 338729
Tel: +65 6384 2452
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