Case Study 4: Multiplayer Real-time Quiz Gaming
Event: SPH/ MOE National Current Affairs Quiz
Date: 19-24-31 July 2013
Venue: Scape/ Grand Copthorne Hotel
Target: 16 Teams of 3 Pax each
Scope: Multiplayer Game, Light/Buzzer/Sound controls, Realtime scoring
Fully automated Multiplayer game to control a live gameshow in real time with direct interaction with M/C. This game had many gaming components that were activated by a single human controller in sync with the M/C. The game play was controlled by buzzers for the players, and the scoring was tabulated in real-time by the game, and displayed in real time to electronic scoreboards.

In a nutshell
- 4 Player Stations with Buzzers and Scoreboards
- 1 Game Server
- 4 iPads for interactive handwriting input
- 1 human operator

- Smooth uninterrupted gameplay throughout all the game segments, with seamless interaction between game quiz, players and M/C.
- Automated real-time score tabulation visible in real-time.
- Very simple game sequencing for human operator to manage
- Elegant manual overide for question/segment sequences and manual score overides



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