We develop immersive technological games for events onsite, including:
  • Multiplayer roadshow games
  • Quizzes
  • Jackpots
  • Teambuilding games
  • Real-time attendee lucky draws
  • Event-Themed interactive activities
These games can be linked directly to our database of customers for that event, to provide additional fun and interactive event-related experiences. We build our own hardware to integrate into our systems and our games, including:
  • iPads, iPhones
  • Arcade Buttons and Buzzers
  • Custom Light Controllers
  • RFID/ NFC Tags
  • QR Codes, Barcodes
  • Camera Motion Sensors
  • Drones (Experimental)
  • Vending Machines

This allows us to fully customise the user experience onsite and provide a unique experience to all delegates and participants.

So we don't develop "Angry Birds" mobile games, but if you wanted "Angry Words" multiplayer game with delegate playing against delegate and live scoreboard with event content added in, then THAT"S something we would develop! Some of our games to date:

Personalised Cocktail Dispensing Machine
Cocktail dispensing machine that is activated by playing an interactive quiz game that is fully controlled by a wireless buzzer! Quiz content is fully customised for the client, and cocktails dispensed are also fully customised, and dispensed in less than 5 secs! Super fast, super cool and simply Wow!

Live Multiplayer Stage Quiz Game
Fully automated Multiplayer game to control a live gameshow in real time with direct interaction with M/C. This game had many gaming components that were activated by a single human controller in sync with the M/C. The game play was controlled by buzzers for the players, and the scoring was tabulated in real-time by the game, and displayed in real time to electronic scoreboards.

QR Code Activated Vending Machine
Vending Machines were customised for the Singapore Navy to allow users to redeem limited edition drinks by playing a game on their smartphones, and getting them to redeem a free drink by presenting their QR Redemption coupon via mobile phone. The VMs were first deployed at the Changi Naval Base Open House and later to various Tertiary schools.

Giant Breathalyzer Scanner
3m tall scanning machine to analyze alcohol content through a breathalyzer device that analyzes a users breath and then activates lights and sounds to indicate alcohol level in a fun and engaging manner. Used outdoor at club entrances to engage young audiences in understanding their alcohol consumption. Run by Singapore Health Promotion Board during the festive season.

Children's Stress Reduction Games
Engaging Windows game and iPad game using custom arcade controller buttons to teach children how to handle stressful situations, through a series of games, ie Wack A Mole and Friendly Ninja, combining reaction, timing and quiz. Run by HPB for their Colours of the Mind roadshow campaigns.

Subaru Challenge Coin Grab Challenge
Reaction game pitting 5 players against each other, by pressing a button as soon as a coin drops in the game to "grab" the coin. However, the coin can have a negative value, so it is up to the fastest player with the keenest eye to collect all the good coins and have a chance to win the Subaru car. Run by SPH in conjunction with Subaru for the Great Singapore Sale.

Subaru Challenge Multiplayer Racing Game
Extremely engaging (and physical) multiplayer game with custom arcade buttons connected to a central game projected onscreen. Players have to hit a button as quickly as possible to race a small car up the screen. First car to cross the line wins! Multiple levels allows different rounds of elimination to quickly filter large crowds. Run by SPH in conjunction with Subaru for the Great Singapore Sale.

OSIM Giant Jackpot
Giant Jackpot deployed at a shopping mall during OSIM's sale. Activated by a large button, the jackpot allows for many different types of prizes to be drawn based on custom probabilities to ensure even prize distribution.

Attendee Lucky Draw
Real time lucky draw jackpot of Dinner & Dance event attendees, for up to 2000 guests. Names are pulled out based on scanning of attendees from barcodes/ QR codes on phones/ eDMs during start of event. Lucky draw is then conducted based on these attendees, with multiple draws. Unique IDs are displayed along with person's name/ company etc.


Ekkko Systems develops creative technology solutions for events and campaigns, with a personal touch.
Founded in 2001 ekkko has implemented hundreds of customised solutions spanning more than 1000 events / campaigns / projects to date. We are a team of cool and zen individuals who understand events, technology and the thing that makes them break (so we make sure they don't break on you!) We are small, but we move fast.

Its flagship solution is e1, a Web+Windows+Tablet service-oriented solution enhanced and evolved over 8 years of development for a myriad of clients from Singapore, to USA. The solution is massively personalisable and massively customisable, if you want your microsite to make you your favourite cup of coffee, we will find a way, now that's Seriously Fun.

Our latest technology integrates custom games into our e1 event platform and we continuously strive to adopt new exciting technologies such as RFID, NFC, QR Codes, SMS (yes it's still cool!), Tablets, Arduino, 3D and whatever we find cool!

We have successfully completed projects for all these companies:
IBM, Sun Microsystems (RIP), Red Hat, UBS, SPH, HPB, Stanchart, Amex, Visa, SingTel, MFA, FujiXerox, Lenovo, Forbes, Adobe, Diageo, Capitaland, F5 Networks, Google, Cisco, Starwood, SAP, Lanxess, Gartner, UNEP, HP, IE Singapore, WDA (and a few more we forget)

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114 Lavender St, #03-73 CT Hub-2, Singapore 338729

Email: support@ekkko.com
Tel: +65 6384 2452

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Address: 114 Lavender St, #03-73 CT Hub-2,
  Singapore 338729
Email: support@ekkko.com
Tel: +65 6384 2452
Fax: +65 6837 3724